The CAC reviews, prioritizes, studies and makes recommendations to the CAC-and ultimately Flint Hills Resources -on issues related to air, water, solid waste, and other environmental areas from both a community and a regulatory perspective. The CAC works with independent consultants to collect and review data and to assist it in making its recommendations.

Since the Council’s inception, the CAC has taken a very proactive approach in understanding highly technical data and seeking third-party expertise, while involving the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency as well as Flint Hills Resources’ environmental team.

From leading the placement and tracking of four air monitors to granting environmental-related grants, the CAC has tackled numerous initiatives since 1999. A variety of detailed and analytical reports that outline the committee’s efforts can easily be accessed here.

Detailed CAC milestones include:

  • Continue to work closely with Flint Hills Resources and neighbors to discuss well-water use and an independent and comprehensive groundwater report;
  • Continue to provide updates and analysis on various environmental studies, including greenhouse gas emissions, the refinery’s environmental footprint, groundwater remediation and air emissions in conjunction with the MPCA and an independent consultant;
  • More specifically related to air monitoring, the Committee works annually with the MPCA on an in depth review and analysis of ambient air monitoring samples collected at four air monitors around the refinery to track pollutants and metals. The CAC had strong input as to the placement and relocation of the four active air monitors;
  • Provides timely and critical feedback to FHR regarding refinery water usage and many other important issues impacting Flint Hills Resources and the neighbors and communities living within close proximity of the refinery.
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