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Flint Hills Resources is a good neighbor.

Flint Hills Resources is effective in caring for the environment.

Flint Hills Resources has a positive impact on the local economy.

Flint Hills Resources is responsive to community concerns.

Community Advisory Council (CAC) Privacy Policy

The CAC recognizes that everyone expects and deserves privacy and security of their personal data. Protecting the privacy of all personal information is a responsibility the CAC takes very seriously. The CAC collects, retains, and uses limited personal data on membership applications for the sole purpose of facilitating the membership selection process in an effort to achieve diversity in the composition of the CAC. We take precautionary measures to safeguard applicants' and members' privacy and the confidential information they provide to the CAC. The CAC holds all personal data in strictest confidence. It is accessible exclusively to an independent project consultant who uses the information to evaluate the appropriateness and eligibility of applicants for the CAC. No information from the below questions is provided or made available to any other parties, including Flint Hills Resources or the CAC itself.

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